Wine making

Beaujolais Blanc 2010

This white wine 100% chardonnay, is produced on a clay-limestone soil. The grapes are cooled for 3 hours and are pressed.
Then a long fermentation starts at low temperature to keep fruitiness and aromas.

This 2010 wine has a light golden color.
Delicate notes of white flowers and white peach. A well balanced mouth and irresistible juiciness and savor.

To be served with freshwater fish like pike, in Beaujolais we drink it with “cuisses de grenouilles" (frog legs) and escargots (snails).
Beaujolais Village

Produit de France - Appellation Beaujolais-Villages Contrôlée - Cyril PUGET  
69460 SALLES ARBUISSONNAS - Mise en bouteille au Domaine 12,5 % vol. - 750 ml - 4.80 €